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strictlymodly's Journal

Strictly Magic Mods

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It's 1974 and the Marauders have just started their Fifth Year at Hogwarts. Without the canonly damnation of a War and Voldemort and DE recruiting squads harranguing students to join forces with the Dark Sith, the students are free to get along. Except, life is never that simple if you're a teenager. While there is no Wizarding World War I, pure blood elitism still remains an issue, as do various other prejudices, The Ministery are still drafting Werewolf legislation, restricting the freedoms of creatures they deem inferior, restricting the movement of Wizards and possible detection by Muggles.

On their return to Hogwarts, all students were given a journal as part of a new idea to allow students an opportunity for self-expression, character-building and the development of social skills. Dumbledore has emphasised that these journals must be used and are not viewable by Professors. However, remember his twinkly blue eyes and the mischieviousness that lies therein.

History: Tom Riddle was imprisoned after being arrested and trialled for the murder of a fellow pupil while he was a student at Hogwarts. Rubeus Hagrid never went to Azkaban. THEREFORE, no Voldemort.

Premise: This RP allows you to play characters in the Marauders era with all the usual teenage problems and pranks. Plots will be based around your decisions for your character's development rather than a wizarding world war. There will still be in-game plots to structure the RP, enabling you to develop your character and their various relationships.

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